Colorfast Coatings - A Painting company located in Ken Caryl, Littleton Colorado ColorfastCoatings

Colorfast Coatings - A Painting company located in Ken Caryl, Littleton Colorado

About Us

Colorfast Coatings is a locally-owned company made up of experienced painters that offers a higher quality of workmanship over any franchise company. We don't use subcontractors or day laborers - Every painter with Colorfast Coatings is locally sourced talent and every painter is an employee. This means our professionals are not rushing through the job to try and make their cut. Our guys work hourly to insure that all prep work and painting is done professionally and properly. Our mission is to do the best job possible, since you the consumer is our best advertising. 90% of our business is word of mouth. We have not paid for any advertising in over 10 years.

We are successful because we spend time with potential customers, give them suggestions about colors and products and explain what will be done in a thorough and complete manner for their project. A great painter should have the knowledge to explain why. We always encourage customers to get multiple bids for their project because we want them to know that our pricing is very competitive and our clients respect that level of honesty. Call us today for all your interior painting and exterior painting needs!

The Difference Between a Two Day Paint Job and a Custom Paint Job

  • Prep

    If you believe in, “You get what you pay for”, then you are on your way to a hassle free paint job that will last years beyond the franchise paint companies. Colorfast Coatings is the company that will spend extensive time to prep your home's exterior to get the best finish possible. Quality can’t be achieved by showing up to the property on day one and have it painted by the end of the day. A quick color change will last anywhere from 1-5 years if you are lucky. Colorfast Coatings exteriors are lasting 15 plus years.

  • More Prep

    Prep work seems to be over rated by the franchise companies and that is how they can complete an exterior in just a couple of days. The franchise companies spend more money on literature and brochures compared to the materials they should be spending the money on. Colorfast Coatings would rather brag about the prep over the flyers that do not help your exterior's life span. Colorfast Coatings is proud of their prep work and that is how they become your painter for every home project.

  • Additional Prep

    Colorfast Coatings starts out with power washing the homes exterior to ensure that two coats of paint will adhere to the siding. We remove all downspouts from the gutters to prep and paint behind and reinstall towards the completion of the job. Yes there is siding or trim hiding behind those down spouts and we like to paint the whole house, not just what you can see. After the house has had time to dry out for 24 hours we then return to continue the prep process.

  • Even More Prep

    The prep process continues with scraping all loose and pealing paint. We use the highest quality of caulk to fill all cracks and seams between siding, trim, doors and windows. While we are scraping on the exterior, that is when we find those hidden areas of rotted wood that isn’t possible to find if you don’t prep. Once we make it all the way around the house with prep I then speak with the homeowner about wood replacement and any other defects that need attention before we can proceed. If the wood can be salvaged we will do so, but I would always recommend replacing the rotted wood. After the scraping and caulking is completed, we start the priming process. Colorfast Coatings doesn’t just spot prime, we prime most everything with a brush and roller to ensure we are pushing primer into every single hairline crack possible.

  • Paint

    Painting is the easy part. It is rather self-explanatory. However without extensive preparation, even the most expensive paints can look terrible or fail rather quickly. So many other companies will claim that they do proper preparation but the reality is the owner is offsite so the crew just slaps or sprays a coat of paint on and it looks good when you pay them. In most cases you are having it redone in only a few years. In the long run, that discounted paint job will cost you more and even shorten the life of your siding/deck/walls/etc. If you would like to learn more about our prep process, please revisit the four previous bullet points. We prep, and prep, and prep, and prep so not only does your paint job look great, it will last many years which will save you money. There is more prep in the painting process - in the rare event that there is something that was missed in the prep process, we will stop painting so we can re-prep and/or repair. Other painting companies will just slather over the error and won't become apparent until they are long gone.

  • Clean Up

    At the end of every day Colorfast Coatings will spend the time to clean up any and all mess. This includes pulling all paper, tape and plastic after spraying out the siding. We respect your's and your neighbors’ yards and do not want these materials flying all around the neighborhood. Once we are done with the job, Chris the owner, will walk the home with the homeowner to ensure they are 100% satisfied. Before payment is tendered, we walk the home with the homeowner and correct any oversights. I have heard from so many people that once they paid the painting company, it is impossible to get them to return to correct oversights. When the homeowner has approved our work, we will then accept payment for the work completed. Most of our business comes from referrals/repeat business so we have a vested interest in keeping you happy in the long term - so we will always come back for warranty work. Once our work relationship has been established, I guarantee you will never look for another painter again.

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Our Team

Chris Stanton - Owner of Colorfast Coatings

Chris Stanton

Chris is the owner and he will be on the job site from the beginning to the end. He brings his 25+ years of experience in painting to you. When he is not with a brush in hand, you can find him at the dog park playing with his dog Sage, in the river fly fishing, or at home cheering on the Broncos.

Jesse Thomas - Artist and Professional Painter

Jesse Thomas

Jesse is an inspiring artist with amzaing attention to details. He is also an avid rock climber so climbing up a ladder is barely a workout for him. Don't be surprised if you see him doing handstand pushups to loosen up!

Sage the cute Dog

Sage the Mascot

I'm really cute and love hanging around my dad and going fishing with him.

Painting Help Wanted

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We are really busy and could use another pro to join our team. We are not a spray and pray company. You must bring excellece and experience with you as we are the "high end painters".

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