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Our Gallery

Drywall Repairs and home painting

Have children with tempers? We can fix those holes! Just kidding. This was for a client who installed a CCTV system and some holes were required to install the wires. There were dozzens of holes that needed to be repaired at this home.

Drywall, Mud, Texture Repairs.

Chirs doing some basement remodeling. He is adding bullnose corners to new closet access. This client had us add a wall to section off the basement for a new hobby room. Once corners, mud, tape and texture are done, then it is on to painting.

Doing all of the prep work for painting

Painting is not about painting. It's all about prep work which is the majority of the job. We prep to make sure that your paint job still looks great a decade from now. Improper prep will cost you in the long run.

Banister painting

This could be MC Escher's home. We had to redo the wood banisters and balustrades. We are excellent at the details which makes us the best painters around.

Sharp Edges on the paint transitions

Razor sharp edges are our specialty. No one can make them as sharp as we do. If you know of someone that can beat our lines, send them to us and we will hire them!

More Sharp edges in the painting that we provide.

Unique color combination here. Razor sharp and laser straight. Our clients are blown away with our ability to paint perfect lines between color transitions.

razor sharp, laser straight cut in lines in our painting process.

Another example of our razor sharp, laser stright painting skills.

Custom Faux painting in a wine cellar

Bringing a little taste of Tuscany to Colorado. Faux painting in a wine cellar. This photo trivalizes how spectacular the final job was.

Concrete painting

We can even improve the look of concrete!

Painting Bricks

We can even breathe new life into brick and mortar.

Pressure washing and staining a deck

Pressure wash, prep and stain. We can make your deck look so much better and help preserve it from the harsh Colorado sun and weather.

Masking everything inside a home before painting.

We go crazy with drop cloths and plastic. Masking to protect the rest of your home is imperative. Many other companies will take short cuts to save time or money on protection. Not us. We are the cleanest painters around!

Faux textured walls by Colorfast Coatings, a painting company

Faux painting on a vary tall stairway wall.

Perfect lines in the paint

Another example of our mastery of perfect lines.

We love
and painting!